Our Philosophy & Goals

      Noah's Ark Nursery School offers an innovative, 1/2 day educational
Nursery School with Pre-Kindergarten and Toddler programs. Through the
use of many activity centers, your child will be provided with a wide range
of opportunities for individual growth.
      At Noah's Ark we provide a nurturing environment of support, giving
each child a sense of belonging in a loving and caring setting. We
encourage growth and development based on your child's current level
and needs. Because each child's level is a bit different and constantly
changing, we strive to know them well enough to accommodate their
individual growth levels.
      We also try to promote a sense of independence within your child's
capabilities. This is accomplished by making your child feel safe and that
he or she has a "defender" when necessary. Your child will know that his
or her teacher can be counted on to handle disputes, provide comfort, and
generally ensure that school is a fun, enjoyable, safe place.
      Behavior management, needed in virtually every group situation, is
tailored to preschool - aged children. A classroom that provides
opportunities for learning, growth, and fun, cannot be a place of chaos,
disorder, and confusion. We encourage and guide each child toward the
goal of self-control, again within the limitations of the age group. Children,
like all of us, have good days, and "not-so-good" days. We try to be flexible
enough to allow for that while remaining consistent. That's a tricky
balance, but one that is definitely achievable.
      We treasure your children. Each one is a valuable, precious individual.
We take every opportunity to heighten his or her self-esteem. With a sense
of honor and pride, we see your children grow and develop academically,
socially, and emotionally. It is a privilege to contribute to that growth.
Noah's Ark Nursery School
"Where education, caring, and nurturing meet"
Noah's Ark Nursery School
Does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, national
heritage, political belief, disability, parental marital status or sexual
orientation. Toilet training is not an eligibility requirement for enrollment. Every
effort will be made to accommodate anyone who is enrolled. However, we
reserve the right to cancel a program due to lack of enrollment.
Tuition rates subject to change
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