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Noah's Ark Nursery School
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Meet The staff:

Diane Melanson
Lead Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

After earning a Degree in Early Childhood Education, Miss Diane
opened Noah’s Ark Nursery School in September of 1980 at the
Carlisle Congregational Church. Miss Diane has run Noah’s Ark at
maximum enrollment over the years with a dedicated staff of
professionals. When not working, Miss Diane enjoys flower
arranging and designing and making wedding cakes.

Ginny Robinson
Assistant Director
Teacher, Toddler/Nursery School classroom

Miss Ginny joined Noah’s Ark Nursery School in September of
1985. She has taught in our Pre-Kindergarten class, Nursery
school class, & Toddler class. Miss Ginny is also the Office
Manager when not teaching in the classroom. Miss Ginny enjoys
biking and kayaking in her free time.

Peggy Villa
Teacher, Toddler/Nursery School classroom

Miss Peggy joined Noah’s Ark Nursery School in September of
2003 when we returned to Carlisle after the church renovations.
Miss Peggy spent many years teaching preschool and kindergarten
prior to working at Noah’s Ark. When not working, Miss Peggy
enjoys traveling to visit her children and grandchildren. She also
enjoys knitting in her free time.

Amy Melanson
Teacher’s Aide/Toddler Classroom

Miss Amy began at Noah’s Ark in September of 2009 as a Teacher’
s Aide.  Miss Amy graduated from the University of Massachusetts
at Lowell in May 2011 with her bachelors in Liberal Arts and is
currently a graduate student at UMASS Lowell studying Regional,
Economic and Social Development. When not in school or working;
Miss Amy enjoys watching hockey, baton twirling, and taking care of
her two cats, Rusty & Roscoe.
About Us

From the director:
I would like to tell you a little bit about Noah's Ark Nursery School. I
believe that preschool is not a substitute for the home, nor the
teachers for the parents. Rather I do believe that to complement the
home and family, we can offer a group experience to help your child
toward discovery, understanding, and competence with a good
balance of self-awareness and social development. We strive for
professional competence regarding teaching, equipment, and
Although we are not a "co-op" nursery school, we welcome parents'  
We also offer several occasions when parents have the option of
participating. For example, during "Parent Helper Week", a parent
may join us for all or part of the morning, helping out with activities.
Also, being a field-trip chaperone is a great way to become familiar
with your child's classmates.
Please feel free to call me, if you have any questions or comments.

Diane Melanson, Director