Noah's Ark Nursery School
"Where education, caring, and nurturing meet"
Frequently Asked Questions
How long have you been open?

We opened Noah's Ark Nursery School in Carlisle, in 1980, in the
Carlisle Congregational Church building. The church underwent an
extensive renovation in 2000, and we had to suspend our operation in
Carlisle while that happened. The renovations were finished in 2003 and
we have returned to continue offering quality Nursery School,
Pre-Kindergarten, and Toddler programs for the children of Carlisle and
surrounding communities.

What are the qualification of your staff?

Each of our staff is certified by the Massachusetts Department of Early
Education & Care, the state agency that regulates and oversees this
state's child care industry. Each position here has educational
requirements, as well as experience requirements. Our staff is certified in
First Aid and CPR, and we participate in ongoing training each year.

Do the children go on field trips?

Yes. We go apple & pumpkin picking in the Fall at a local orchard. We
also go to The Butterfly Place in the spring.  During the school year we
will walk to the Library, Police Station and Fire Station. Parents are
invited to join us if they would like to come along.

Can I visit my child?

Parents of children currently attending Noah's Ark Nursery School are
welcome to visit the school any time their child is present with no prior
notification to us. Parents of children not attending Noah's Ark Nursery
School are invited to visit Noah's Ark for the purpose of deciding on a
school for their child. An appointment is required. The visit will last
approximately 30 minutes and potential students are welcome to
accompany parents.  A member of the school staff will accompany
visitors to answer any questions regarding programs, available spaces,
and school policies.
Do you provide snacks and lunch?

We provide a morning snack consisting of juice and crackers, pretzels, or
similar items. We ask that parents provide a lunch with a drink and
utensils if their child is staying for extended hours (noon - 1:00 or noon to
3:00). Lunches should be packed with an ice pack when needed. We are
committed to providing a safe environment for students with food allergies
and ask for parent cooperation in sustaining our peanut-free and tree
nut-free school.

Do the children play outside each day?

Yes. We play outside all year. If it rains, we stay inside with a variety of
"rainy day" toys and activities. When it snows, the children love to play

What happens if my child becomes ill during the day?

If your child is not feeling well because of allergies, or another condition
that is not contagious, we will make your child as comfortable as we can. If
these symptoms develop during the day, we will call to let you know about
it and to ask you for specific instructions if there are any we haven't
discussed previously. If your child has symptoms of an illness that is
infectious, (vomiting, diarrhea, cold symptoms, etc.) we will call you to
come pick up your child as soon as possible.

Are you open on snowy days?

If Carlisle Public Schools are closed or have a delayed opening because
of weather, we will be closed. Please listen to radio or television media for
notification of school cancellations and delays. We are also required to
close if we loose heat, water, or electricity for an extended period of time. If
it is necessary to close during the morning, you will be contacted by